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Embracing a new era of real estate with Schuil

Client Preamble

Noble West worked with Schuil to strengthen strategy and brand development. By repositioning Schuil as leaders in the field, Noble West helped the team reach more potential clients and present cohesive content—from their website to trade show booth.

Project Focus
  • Press
  • Branding
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Activation

Stellar Service with Family-Owned Roots

Schuil Ag Real Estate is a well-established team of experts based in California’s Central Valley. As realtors, advisors and industry leaders, Schuil partnered with Noble West to holistically strengthen their brand—setting them apart from competitors with a modern logo, streamlined website and cohesive outreach to clients.


Schuil Ag Real Estate had established a 40 year legacy as a top firm for buyers and sellers alike in the Central Valley of California. Noble West was tasked to craft a brand that would honor where they have been and represent the growth they can achieve as they seek to increase market share, engage new clients and scale the business throughout the state. Rebranding was also motivated by leadership shifts in the organization as founding partners retire and pass the torch to the next generation. Succession and change can be complex to navigate so our team was also challenged to drive buy-in with key stakeholders throughout the organization.


Through strategy and brand development efforts, Noble West uncovered the differentiators for Schuil: setting a high standard for performance and guiding their clients with integrity and sound advice. We positioned them as a company that “Leads with Vision and Virtue,” setting out to elevate the brand, while still paying homage to Schuil’s history through our creative work. We drove impact with an all encompassing creative and strategy approach around the idea of “The Schuil Standard.” The concept was leveraged across multiple brand touch points: website, listings app, social media, email, print and tradeshow activation.


Regional press hits