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Empowering agriculture: AgCode's software shines

Client Preamble

Noble West partnered with AgCode to strategically elevate their brand and achieve their growth goals. By developing key assets and acting as strategic partners, Noble West positioned AgCode as a leading solution in the market.

Project Focus
  • Logo Development
  • Tradeshow Development
  • Video Production

The most used software in specialty crops

AgCode was originally created as a solution for agriculture product traceability which evolved into custom solutions for wineries and is now a robust farm management software utilized across 24 different specialty crops. AgCode partnered with Noble West to redesign their logo to reflect the evolution of the company as it coincided with the refreshed visual identity and effort to expand the business into new markets and crops.


AgCode’s software works with 24 different crops, currently serving 600,000+ acres and 5,000 active users. As an innovative solution offering best-in-class technology, they did not want to limit the perception of who they serve or the software’s capabilities. They partnered with Noble West to support their expansion into crop types underrepresented in their customer base and underscore what the software offers growers from the very first glance.


Following a brand refresh and logo redesign to signify a new era of the company, Noble West delivered an integrated multi-channel media strategy focusing on brand awareness—optimizing for key audience segments across organic and paid channels including: Google search ads, trade publication ads and organic and paid social media.


Traffic source
Site activity
CTR growth on Linkedin
YoY engagement rate growth