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A Taste of Innovation: Minturn Rebrands for the future

Project Focus
  • Email Campaign
  • Video Production
  • Website
  • Branding

Thinking big comes easy with Minturn Nut

Redesigning Minturn’s logo was all in the almond. Discovery revealed a sentiment that the former logo felt too corporate, so the new logo needed to feel more friendly. Minturn’s refreshed logo design centers the almond, stripping away former structures to open up the text. This intentional move spotlights the hard work and big dreams Minturn puts into every little almond they produce.


Minturn has always identified as a grower-centric business. However, this promise began feeling indistinct and offered so much room to develop how they center their growers and in doing so support purchasers. Minturn Nut Company partnered with Noble West to elevate their already well-respected brand and drive awareness. To realize these objectives, we refreshed their brand positioning while staying true to their core identity. Digital touchpoints across their website, brand videos, and sales materials now speak to the unique “big business that feels like a small team” position Minturn holds in the nut processor category.


Minturn has a friendly, familial team that believes in being accessible to growers and purchasers, so the corporate feel of their logo mismatched the true experience of their business. Creative assets for Minturn would need to visually bridge the gap between Minturn’s impactful size and reach and their down-to-earth customer experience. Minturn’s website structure took shape around the brand’s messaging pillars. The growers page is the first page at top left in the site navigation, grower testimonials are prominently highlighted, and growers are encouraged to stay informed by signing up for the monthly newsletter. Facility, quality, and food safety certifications shared on the website demonstrate Minturn’s dedication to staying on top of change and centering buyers’ desire for proof of quality.


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