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Put your brand in front of the camera, consumers want more video

he data supporting video as a marketing tactic mounts each year. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri shared in the last year that video is “driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.” Video hosting platforms like Wistia report that the average time spent on webpages without video is 4.3 minutes while pages with video have an average of 6 minutes.

Beyond promising metrics from marketers, consumers are adamant that video is the tool to use to get brand stories across. Farmers and processors looking to align consumers with their authentic story, make their food visible to consumers and make their products easy to purchase will want to build video in their communication strategy. 

Video shows and tells your brand story. That’s why it’s so effective. Of all the marketing tools available, video is the most engaging way to present your entire brand identity – tone, voice, people, processes, products. Video is you putting yourself, your people, and your brand out there. It shows authenticity and vulnerability. As a marketing tactic, it’s one that really builds strong emotional connections. These are the kind of connections that fortify trust and brand loyalty. Whether you are looking to communicate with consumers on social media, email campaigns, your website, or at a trade show booth – video will break through the noise of standard branded graphics or blocks of text to grab attention and have impact.

“In this busy world, where most people won’t even take a deep breath, what can you do to grab and hold their attention? VIDEO,” says AC&C Creative Director, Angela Lewis. “Video continues to surpass all marketing tools when it comes to expressing a vision, presenting an idea, and keeping the attention of those busy, busy people. Even with the sound off, visual storytelling continues to be the best way to reach and connect those in our fast-paced, digital world.”

Not every video needs to be long and cumbersome either. Video length is best dictated by channel, with small snackable cutdowns being ideal for social media where attention is short, and website “about” pages being a space where users are ready for a longer watch to get to know you.

See how AC&C Marketing’s own clients have engaged their primary audiences with video:

  • Minturn Nut Company was looking to elevate their brand to growers and buyers alike. They wanted to articulate who they are as a business, their value proposition, and why they are a trusted partner with video.

  •  Sun Valley Rice wanted to share their technologically-advanced mill, including imagery of the sprouting and sake milling processes all available under their roof. Vertical integration for the sake of supply chain efficiency and added sustainability is a piece of the Sun Valley Rice story that is of great value to customers and deserved a video.

  • It’s no secret that pitching a prospect on your business’ value is much simpler with a strong portfolio. JKB Energy was looking to build a collection of testimonials from partners whose operations were greatly improved after going solar with JKB Energy. These stunning testimonials go beyond canned speaking interviews and provide proof of the success and profitability each partner saw with their solar investment. 

The ag businesses AC&C serves invest a lot of time in curating messaging that accurately tells their story. To authentically and accurately share those unique stories within the food system, AC&C continues to recommend video as a more digestible and shareable format that today’s consumers are begging to see more of.