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Elevating an already well-respected almond brand

Minturn Nut Company is one of California’s largest independent almond processors. They began as nine growers looking for a better way to conduct business and have long been recognized for their commitment to their growers. In 2021, Minturn partnered with the AC&C team to elevate and update their already well-respected brand and drive awareness. To realize these objectives, AC&C refreshed brand positioning while staying true to their core identity.

Although Minturn has always identified with the term “grower-centric,” they recognized an opportunity to develop further credibility for this claim and in doing so support their international buyers as well. AC&C led five days of discovery with Minturn team members from the C-suite to sales, shipping, field representatives, and HR. Close attention was paid to discovery sessions with growers, considering the company’s grower-focused messaging. After collecting their findings, AC&C shared their insights regarding what they learned about the business and competitors. While many competitors also claimed to be growers-first, there were seldom mentions of practices that truly centered growers or references to how Minturn’s work benefited buyers as well. A key takeaway from discovery was the overwhelming sentiment that despite Minturn being a large team, they felt familial and small – never missing details or coming across as cold.

AC&C’s discovery process revealed how the corporate feel of Minturn’s logo mismatched the true experience of their business. Minturn’s unique position in the marketplace is best articulated as “all things big and small,” meaning that in their interactions with growers, providing returns, and taking opportunities for innovation they were always considering the small almond in their large pursuits. Redesigning Minturn’s logo stripped away former structures to open up the text and put a spotlight on the almond. This intentional move draws attention to the hard work and big dreams Minturn puts into every little almond they produce.   

As AC&C moved into developing assets featuring Minturn’s own team, growers, and facility, it was crucial to visually bridge the gap between Minturn’s corporate size & reach and their down-to-earth customer experience. Minturn’s website structure took shape around the brand’s key messages of starting with growers, welcoming change, and providing consistent returns. The growers page is prioritized within the website’s top navigation given its importance, grower testimonials are prominently highlighted, and growers are encouraged to stay informed by signing up for the monthly newsletter. Facility, quality, and food safety certifications shared on the website demonstrate Minturn’s dedication to staying on top of change and centering buyers’ desire for proof of quality.

Two brand videos, one a reflection on the Minturn Story and one a look at quality, complement each other and the larger brand narrative of “an enduring commitment to quality.” One tells the brand story, demonstrating why growers should choose Minturn as their trusted processor, and the other speaks to Minturn’s high standards so that buyers can be confident Minturn almonds are top quality.

Minturn’s digital touchpoints now speak to the unique “big business that feels boutique and specialized” position they hold in the nut processor category.  When new users get to know Minturn they are receiving an honest representation of Minturn and their values, and better still, Minturn is reaching people for whom they will be the right fit.

AC&C specializes in marketing work that brings into focus all points and participants in the food system. Supporting independent processors like Minturn is important to the AC&C team, as processors play a crucial role in the food on our shelves and tables. “Choosing AC&C Marketing means we have partners who get who our growers are and understand what buyers will expect. Our work together can focus on big ideas because they’ve got the smaller details covered,” says Darren Riggs of Minturn Nut Company.