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Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Shared Stories, Achievements and Gratitude

As we bid farewell to 2023, we find ourselves reflecting on a tapestry of memories, shared moments and collective triumphs. It has been a year of growth - we launched Noble West, challenges - we stepped into our collective confidence and deepened our resolve to change the food system for better. Our team reflected on the core moments that made this year one of the best yet.

Sr. Account Supervisor Taylor Pires

“While this year was full of big wins for our team, one moment of inspiration that sticks out to me was being a part of our client Meras Water Solutions' open house. They have truly welcomed Noble West as part of their team. It's one of those client relationships that affirms why I love my job and the great work that can be achieved with a strong partnership.”

Meras opening.

Media and Content Director Amy Roll

“Successfully supported a consumer product launch in grocery with an integrated communications plan inclusive of paid and owned touch points. Successes garnered in 2023 resulted in a 178% increase in budget for 2024, showcasing the communications team's impact potential when they're able to flex their expertise and work together as well as the trust established with the client in year one to enable the team to do bigger and better things in year two. This is just one of several examples of Noble West proving value to unlock bigger year-over-year marketing goals and budgets.”

grocery store.

Sr. Account Director Bonnie Vivatnamongkon

“To our clients, your trust has been the bedrock of our achievements. Your unwavering belief in our capabilities has fueled our journey and we are honored to be a part of your success stories. To our team, your dedication and passion have transformed challenges into opportunities and we celebrate each of you.”


Social Media Manager Sierra Alamo

“At this year's Noble West offsite, we dove into the Clifton Strengths assessment, unpacking our unique strengths and areas for growth as a team. While a wide diversity of talents was apparent, what stood out was a shared commitment—every team member cares deeply for one another. This realization, echoed during team dinners and moments by the fire throughout our time in Santa Barbara, emphasized that while our strengths may differ, our collective dedication remains constant. It was an enlightening experience, and as someone new to the team, I'm eager to continue contributing to this dynamic group of changemakers.”

noble west at dinner.

Associate Creative Director, Matthew Grier

“I have a competitive spirit in spades. I love coming in first place; I love trying to outdo myself; and I love getting it right on Round One. And this year, in so many ways, I was reminded that no true win ever comes easy, and sometimes not at your first shot to bat. Coming back to work at Noble West this past year after some time away, I was filled with a lot of excitement, and hope, and humility. It was my second chance to stick the landing and make a little magic. I was able to rekindle old working relationships, to define new connections, to learn from the past, create new happy memories and do meaningful work with purpose and passion. It’s been nothing short of successful and rewarding and I think it shows how a win that comes during Round Two can be just as satisfying.”

Driving in the car on the way to the meetup.

Team Tales: Laughter, Challenges and Triumphs

Our team embraces being a group of individuals working together and using our strengths and differences to redefine what marketing for agriculture and food can look like.

To everyone who has been a part of the Noble West journey this year—whether through collaboration, inspiration or support—thank you. Your belief in our mission has kept us energized and focused.

As we step into a new year, our hearts are filled with anticipation. The lessons learned, the connections forged and the memories created will be the foundation for what lies ahead. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, innovate and make a positive impact in the realms of agriculture, food and marketing.