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Rabbits, Magenta and My Hope(s) for 2023

About the Author
Ali Cox is the founder and CEO of Noble West, formerly known as AC&C Marketing, not to mention a USA Olympic athlete.

Now that we’re into our second week of the new year, the year of the rabbit on the Chinese calendar and the year of Pantone’s magenta, I’m feeling all of the green lights at AC&C Marketing. Why is the rabbit significant? Because after completing a three-year restructure from a local to a remote national marketing agency, I feel like we're ready to move swiftly like a rabbit. We’ve invested in each other, found consistency in our leadership team, spent countless hours and months developing foundational processes and built devoted partner and client partnerships. Why magenta? Well, ironically it’s my favorite color and the accent color of my first logo when I started my business in 2007. 

Our annual “reset” week, when the business is closed between Christmas and New Years, provides a much-needed break and has become what I refer to as my “hope” week. A vital moment when I spend time thinking about my hopes and goals for myself as a leader, woman, mom, community member and CEO. As every personality test result proves from the Enneagram to Patrick Lencioni’s Working Genius to Myers Briggs, I’m a dreamer, inventor, achiever and relentless, galvanizing team champion. I believe that dreams turned into goals, goals turned into plans and plans turned into strategy are gold. Nothing makes me more proud than when I see our team go down the audacious path of boldly transforming dreams into executional strategy.  

The rogue entrepreneur in me is ready to take on whatever this 2023 recession has in store. It will no doubt be challenging, but at this point, I’m ready to stop humbly “talking” about it and instead learn more about the real challenges at hand. Leadership (and survival) lessons from the 2008 Great Recession are still fresh in my mind, as are the tools it took to thrive for two years of COVID. Let’s not forget about the media-fabricated, socio-professional trends of the “Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting.”  Now that I’m squarely into my third decade of owning a marketing agency, there’s one main truth I know—  which is that change is always on your doorstep. 2023 will be no exception. Many of the goals we ambitiously set in January will not be realistic come July. And that is a-okay. We pivot, we strategize, we grow and most importantly, we change. 

Now two weeks in, I’m more emboldened in my hope for a wonderful year with the recent rains that are filling our desperate California reservoirs and our company which is about to embark on our most visible initiative yet: a rebrand. We will unveil our new name and brand in the coming weeks. Stay tuned— it’s going to be a gamechanger.

Thank you to our clients, partners and supporters for a very special 2022. I am so proud of the work our team accomplished from winning the state of California Department of Pesticide Regulation RFP to forming deep and meaningful client relationships that have resulted in measurable mission-driven work to improve the agricultural and food ingredient industry.

Don’t miss the chance to learn about our work and the rebrand by signing up for our newsletter! PS:  For the record I’m Enneagram 3, Working Genius “invention and galvanizing” and Myers Briggs ENTP.