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Introducing: HIBRD. Noble West’s Answer to Integrated Communications

About the Author
Sarah is Noble Wests' Vice President of Client Services and Strategy. She empowers clients to navigate the complexities of the modern food landscape.

When we launched Noble West earlier this year, we did so not just to change our look and feel—but also to be representative of the ways that we cultivated an agency built to meet the ever-evolving communications challenges in agriculture and food. One of those challenges was how we can truly integrate communications and make the most impact on behalf of our partners. 

In the world of agribusiness, where both challenges and opportunities abound, communication is more critical than ever. Our partners, typically burgeoning agribusinesses, face a unique set of hurdles, from siloed approaches to shifting consumer preferences and regulatory demands. At Noble West, we recognized the need for a fresh approach—one that could help our partners navigate this complex landscape more effectively. To answer this calling, we developed HIBRD: Highly Integrated Brand Response Development.

The creation of this approach was rooted in a deep understanding of the problem—a result of years of planning paid campaigns, cultivating social calendars, developing email programs and then reporting on the results. Additionally, HIBRD was fueled by decades of communications planning experience that spans Fortune 500 companies all the way to small businesses launching products for the first time. We recognized that, more often than not, businesses weren’t getting the most of their communications efforts. Their social media engagement wasn’t growing, their paid media efforts weren’t translating to business impact or the strategies across both weren’t sophisticated enough to account for their target’s evolving consumption habits and privacy regulations. 

All to say, this was an endeavor worth fighting for. At Noble West, we’re believers that ag deserves better, and there is no reason why an ag-tech company or vertically integrated processor doesn’t deserve the same treatment as a clothing or snack brand. Put simply, our partners deserved a better approach—one that maximized their media impact and allowed them to confidently manage the digital landscape.

HIBRD is not just an acronym, it's a promise: a promise to our partners that we've listened, we've learned and we're ready to deliver a transformative solution. It’s more than just a platform; it's a mindset shift. It's about breaking down the barriers between communication channels and harnessing their collective power. It's about turning challenges into opportunities and budgets into impactful investments.

Functionally, HIBRD is about making budgets work harder, reaching the right audience and staying agile in a fast-paced world with increased information sources and decreased attention spans. It’s about saying that your social media plans should help engage your audiences AND drive traffic to your site. Your paid media efforts should complement and amplify the content you own. CRM efforts should be intertwined across all of this to keep capturing those valuable leads. And, last but not least, our clients should be armed with data AND recommended optimizations to help quantify and improve efficacy. 

In these challenging times, agribusinesses need more than a marketing agency; they need a partner. Noble West's HIBRD approach isn't just a service—it's a commitment to the success of its clients. It's a recognition that the agribusiness landscape is evolving, and to thrive in this new era, businesses must adapt.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, Noble West stands at the forefront, guiding agribusinesses toward a future where integrated communications planning isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. The HIBRD approach is the compass that ensures that every marketing effort serves a purpose, every message aligns with the brand's values and every dollar spent is invested wisely and contributes to business impact.

At the end of the day, we recognize that these perfectly interconnected plans, which seamlessly drive business impact, often feel like a bolt of lightning—challenging to predict and even more challenging to capture. But with HIBRD, we plan for those lightning strikes—those remarkable moments when everything falls into place—and it feels a bit like (communications) magic.