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Gone Global: Noble West Is WorldWide

About the Author
Ali Cox is the founder and CEO of Noble West, formerly known as AC&C Marketing, not to mention a USA Olympic athlete.

In a year full of bold strides, Noble West has stepped onto the global stage. With immense pride, I get to share that Noble West has been accepted into the worldwide marketing association, Worldwide Partners, generally referred to as WPI. Why, you could ask, would a boutique agency like Noble West  join an international marketing association? Simple. At our core, we thrive as an agency because of teamwork.  The problems we solve, with the work we create, are only possible because an incredible group of individuals collaborated to daringly transform dreams into an executional strategy. It is only natural that we would take this mentality and partner with other like-minded agencies looking for camaraderie and best practices  while aiming continuously for best-in-class work. 

Like the little engine who could, we have been working internationally for over a decade, first as AC&C, and now as Noble West. Our clients are purveyors and growers of food, ranging by commodity from almonds to walnuts to rice, cherries, and beans. And they all have been doing international business for years. The majority are exporting containers of food abroad. Let’s not forget about our fantastic international clients such as TOMRA, who are looking to Noble as partners in their international growth. It is one of the most joyful parts of my career to help those food companies tell their stories through creative campaigns, branding, strategy, paid media, partnerships, content development and more. So there was no doubt that we needed to be global too.

Besides meeting our clients where they are, we are also focused on the bigger picture. We’re ready for the world to know us and looking for friends who can support us in other markets - both domestically and internationally.  How our domestic products market themselves abroad requires an understanding of local markets, consumer perceptions, retail outlets and media planning.Being a part of WPI means we can offer our clients that rich understanding alongside local nuance— the epitome of service. 

WPI has a spirit of inclusivity, expansive thinking and excellence. I’ve been humbled by the company we’re keeping, and so proud that our fierce and mighty specialty shop has a seat at the table. Thank you to the WPI shareholders, BOD, fellow agency partners and the WPI team led by John Harris. The indie culture is incredible, and one that fits us so well. The fellowship and knowledge-share we’ve experienced thus far are indeed inspiring.