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Ali’s Why Behind the Rebrand

Over the next couple of months, we’re going to share quite a bit about the How of our rebrand, but for now, I want to humbly and vulnerably start by sharing my Why

Once COVID hit in March 2020, I had the opportunity to hire a remote team and think more clearly about my purpose. I developed a clarity about the next chapter of my career that was unshakable and crystal clear. I made the audacious claim, which has turned into our mission or mantra to build the best agricultural and food ingredient agency in the world. I was either going to make it big or take a left turn to easy street towards being an independent consultant again. Either option felt like a win. 

This was also when I had the epiphany that AC&C didn’t have another gear. After months of pondering and hand-wringing, the answer became clear. We needed a new name, a new brand and a new energy. I was ready to be as aggressive and adventurous as our clients, many of whom are ambitious cowboys and cowgirls who throw caution to the wind regularly to build their businesses. It was time to respect the Law of Attraction, and put the energy and brand out into the world that I wanted in return. The time has never been more right to take my initials off the proverbial and literal front door. 

Fully ready to embrace the unknown, I find confidence in knowing Noble West is helping me to live my truth with more authenticity by asking more of the hard questions. As I’ve shared with the team several times, this isn’t a name change; it’s an elevation. 

We’re not going to be the right agency for everybody but we’re the perfect shop for some. This second chapter in agencyhood is going to be focused on those pivotal “some.” Those “some” are the folks who are looking for a creative and strategic partner in business who is just as passionate about the food system as they are. This also rings true on the recruiting side. Noble West is a welcoming work home for those who are ready for the adventure. 

Has this been easy? No. Has it been worth it? Absolutely.