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3 mantras for creating a people centric agency experience

Though we come to our work from different time zones and diverse backgrounds, clients can trust that the whole team is all-in on being audacious, never settling, doing the right thing and putting people first. Those are our four company values. They are values we brainstormed, wrote out and chose as an agency because they resonated with all of us. So, we take them to heart and culturally live by them in the workplace. Putting people first is a value that refers not just to our clients, vendors, consumers, or ourselves but to all of those relationships. Here are a few of our favorite mantras for keeping the team people-centric in everything we do:

1. Each team member deserves space (and recognition) at the table.

No two teammates strategize, approach creative work or problem-solve the same, yet all of our ideas hold weight.

2. People enjoy working with others they like and feel understood by.

It’s important to recognize that the team, clients, their businesses and brands qualify as people and this mantra applies to all of them.

3. People have their own targets to meet and interests when it comes to our work.

The clients we partner with have roles and backgrounds as varied as our own. We work with owner-operators, sales teams, marketing associates and everyone in between. AC&C is not the type of marketing agency that simply keeps track of client roles and responsibilities, we approach our work and present it according to who is in the room and what they value most. Being people-centric with our clients means being values-centric.

Cultivating a people-first approach is not only rewarding and a surefire way to nurture understanding, but it also proves impactful for clients. Our long-time client Brett LaGrande, SVP of Strategy for Sun Valley Rice says, “On any given day I’m working through many initiatives – marketing is just one aspect of my role. It’s invaluable to me to have an agency partner who can scale to meet me where I am, even if that goes beyond marketing.”

Thanks, Brett! We love our jobs🤍